Cliona Dickie


  A Jungian analysis is a process in which the participants come into relationship with the unconscious.

We  each  have our own ‘story’,  which is informed by our life experiences, background, personality type, cultural, religious, sexual   and gender sensitivities. We each  have a specific relationship to  our inner and outer experiences.

In our daily life, we may become disengaged from vital aspects of ourselves. A Jungian Analysis supports the process of   paying  close attention to what is  going on in our hearts, our bodies, our minds, and coming into  relationship with  those aspects of which we are  unconscious.

A  specific problem may have presented itself.  There may be a depressed mood, or anxiety,  or experiences of grief and loss. A relationship may have ended or is causing concern. It may not be a specific issue but a more vague unease, or dis-ease.  This can be the beginning of a healing process.

In analysis, the work of regaining energetic balance is explored, as the connection between  conscious and unconscious selves; The journey is called “individuation” and working with dreams or images is actively used to enhance this process.

Cliona Dickie


                                                        Jungian Analyst

                                                      Registered Psychotherapist